Do you have multiple classic puzzles for leftover women?

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There are more and more women left now, no matter the reason is that the family conditions are not good, or the other is not high, the length is not handsome, and so on, the final conclusion is left. In fact, many women admit that they do not have such high standards, but they do not know why they are left. In fact, there are still some reasons for the remaining women to be left. Q: Because of being single, my family and friends around me will put a lot of pressure on myself, but I don’t want to be forced to marry. How can I solve this contradiction? Trends: Most of the generations of parents believe that only marriage is the ultimate woman. The fate of the family, in fact, the deepest level, they are worried about your future life security, afraid that after a hundred years, you are lonely and helpless. So what you can do now is to let them understand that you are trying to save money, you will buy a house to buy insurance, you have your own rich social partners and trusted friends, your future is safe, and you Always looking for a partner, and then promise a frequency of blind date, such as twice a month. If you are really annoyed with your parents, then move out and live – the Chinese woman’s weaning period is too late. Although you pay a certain price for rent, you will enjoy the fun of truly independent life! Q: I don’t feel anything about the blind date. Do you need to meet again? Trends: Since it’s a blind date, please don’t expect love at first sight, electric fire, if This person makes you particularly disgusted, how to look dissatisfied, of course you can PASS off, but if you think his condition is OK, just no special feeling, it is recommended not to give up the other party immediately after the first meeting, at least give yourself He has three chances. Recommend 4 kinds of dating methods for your reference: 1, the simple and elegant restaurant, to help your direct communication; 2, hiking or hiking, you have to observe his sense of direction, mobility, patience, temper and whether you care about you Feelings; 3, cinema or exhibition, you can observe whether your cultural tastes are similar; 4, let him choose a place to see how he behaves in the environment he thinks is most comfortable. After several appointments in different locations, maybe he has upgraded from “chicken ribs” to “chicken wings”! Q: I must find a man who is better than myself. Otherwise, what is the picture? If marriage lowers the woman’s own living standards, why should I get married? I am confused how marriage is a marriage that adds extra points to life. Trends : This kind of thinking seems to be “snobbish” and in fact blameless. Women must first face their own heart. If you are very concerned about your husband’s ability to earn a living in the future, lowering the conditions will only make you feel wronged after marriage. Don’t think that only you are not happy, he must feel that as a man’s self-esteem will also Let him doubt the relationship. What you need to consider is what can marriage give you in your current or future life? What can you not give yourself, but what do you need most? If your answer is material security, then OK, find a social ability. Strong men can make your life full and happy; but if you are not lacking in basic material security, you must understand what it means to be married. In the survey of married people, 84% of people believe that the greatest value of marriage is that someone is a partner – stable, safe, with a common past and future feelings. Q: Since you can’t find an elite man to be a husband, is it a kind of lifestyle to be an elite man? Is it a woman who thinks too much about her possessiveness? To be a lover to an elite man, no matter how much benefit you get objectively and the so-called “true love”, you will fall into the “wife complex” routine, which will forever torture you and the people around you. Don’t think that you are so material, so free and easy, and have a man who cares for you, you can feel warmth and spiritual satisfaction. Q: Many people around me are divorced, so a single woman does not believe that her luck will be better than others. It is better to not marry than to divorce in the future. Is this right? Trends: Refusing to try because of fear and inertia, this is itself And the lack of sincerity also makes people feel inexplicably crying and laughing. Marriage is a life experience where everyone encounters different situations. As long as you have a good desire and a positive effort, even if the final outcome is not ideal, it is a great asset in your life. There are many reasons for not getting married, but this stupidity cannot be called a reason! Q: How can I attract the attention of good men? Trends: The psychologist’s suggestion is that when you first know, you have to find a way to mobilize each other. Emotional experience, negative and positive can be, but must be strong! You can make him angry, but also make him ecstatic, if you can make his strong emotions and sorrows alternately, the best effect. There is only one purpose to deepen his perceptual knowledge of you. Is the Korean drama very naive? But the male and female protagonists started out like enemies, and later they loved to die. This is not purely a play, it is based on psychology! After knowing for a while, you have to take the initiative to adjust, because the serious long-term emotional relationship is not a roller coaster. Now you have to mobilize each other’s positive emotional experience, the more peaceful and timeless, the longer the taste is as long as possible. The more the front is tossed, the more profound his experience will be, and the more he will be attracted to you! Q: How do women take the initiative in the face of a favorite man? Trends: The most direct thing is to ask him to help you. Boyfriend! To do this, you have at least a chance to express your mate choices to him, and of course he is similar to him. If you want to euphemistically, you can ask him to make some money in a joint consumption opportunity, and then ask him back. When you pay back, you can send a small gift to express your gratitude. Asking for MSN is an important way to make people close. Or find a reason to ask him to give you instructions at work, I believe he will not refuse. If you can’t help it, how can you express it directly?! If you can’t be rejected, you won’t lose meat! Modern women don’t even have the courage to do this. What kind of man is fishing? Q: Men like young girls, the more successful they are. The more so, the more successful men are, how to improve the success rate of 30-year-old women’s blind date? Trends: In fact, men are not necessarily “girl control”, but their choice is bigger, in order to save time, put a single women’s volleyball team over 30 years old apart from. Women over the age of 30 are recommended to find a partner for themselves in two ways. One is a selection of blind date. What is a featured blind date? Because frequent blind dating will hit your confidence, it is always picked up by others, why bother? So the 30-year-old woman’s blind date should be quality, not quantity, and a very responsible matchmaker in the middle. For your mediation, the important information of both parties will be exchanged in advance, and those who prefer mature women and communicate the quality of communication will be locked in. The second is to focus on: Lock one or two group activities with many target single men, such as tourism, sports, hobby clubs, MBA classes, etc., long-term participation, actively seek opportunities, and generate feelings in common activities. With an emotional foundation, men don’t care too much about your age! Q: Older women usually have an anxious attitude. If they want to speed up, how can they adjust their mentality and prevent others from seeing that they are anxious? Trends: Why don’t you let others see that you are anxious? At least relatives and friends see that you are anxious and will help You are arrogant. Once you hold out a contemptuous face, the calmness that you pretend is likely to make people who care about you mistakenly think that you really don’t need it. How many opportunities do you have to lose? But when you face a man, you still have to install a dress. Don’t let the other party have the psychological advantage of “save you in the fire”. The more anxious the emotion, the more stable and smooth the operation, the more delicate, so the success rate will be much higher. In particular, you can’t let men see how much you hate to marry, how anxious, this is definitely a big discount to your charm. You have to show enough elegance and calmness in front of men. Even if you are a little deer, every time you see the front, remember to give yourself a few minutes to calm down, go to the bathroom with a cold water to pat a cheek, cool yourself down, and then greet him with the most calm smile. If a man doesn’t love you, at least let him respect you! Q: Happy single girls, sometimes they are always said to pay attention only to the enjoyment of the eyes, not to plan for their future, there is always a day of regret! Is it an irresponsible self-consumption to enjoy the status of being single? Trends: Of course not! The highest realm of love for one person is: with it, the days must be better; without it, the days will never be a mess. There is nothing in this world that must happen, just like marriage. Some people don’t need it because they don’t think they will give extra points to their lives. Every life path is up and down. When you are lamenting that no man is very lonely, others may still complain about his husband’s affair and misconduct. In many countries in the West, the number of unmarried and married adults has been half-opened, indicating that single people are no longer marginalized. Being single is just a lifestyle choice and no one is qualified to blame you. Q: Many women use marriage or family as a source of inner security. As a single woman, where does this security come from? Trends: Security is never given to you, but is brought to you by yourself. Whether you are married or unmarried, you need a lot of “crutches”. These “crutches” can help you to support yourself in all kinds of difficulties, including wealth, career, wisdom, and all kinds of skills. The more your own “crutch”, the more security you have.