Is trial marriage equal to cohabitation?

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Is trial marriage equal to cohabitation? Or cohabitation is just the external form of trial marriage? The divorce story suddenly increases, the collapse of the family, the misfortune of the children, we can not help but stop and wait outside the marriage. The old-fashioned bridal chambers open the hijab to know the bride. It is a kind of fragile wishful wing that hits the big fortune, but a piece of wedding book has a strong shackle, and wants to earn a break. A “bearing” word makes us Parents have reached the age of “children are married, women are married”. From a sexual point of view, modern people tend to try marriage, otherwise they don’t even know the other’s body, how can they embark on the red carpet, how to talk about the harmony of sex life after marriage, and the happiness of life; After all, marriage is the highlight of life. Is there no rehearsal to succeed? However, cohabitation without a sense of responsibility will only lead to sexual indulgence and sexual abuse, which will lead to the loss of overall morality, and the injured will be the weak; A rupture will also cause great pain and injury; after all, the trial marriage lacks restraint, and it is inevitable that it will go away ……. Is marriage a siege, and it is difficult to return after entering? In addition to trial marriage, we can not grasp the happiness of the future? Who can understand this fog of mind? · use the disharmony of fear of sexual life to make a reason for trial marriage, it seems Some are far-fetched. If two people really love each other and they are responsible for each other, then cohabitation or marriage is all right. Otherwise, cohabitation or trial marriage is just an excuse for sexual intercourse. If there is no love, what can marriage marriage bring? Even harmony is just sensuality! After all, true love is above sex. Therefore, if you need love, you should pursue love, you need sexual desire to satisfy your sexual desire, and you should not use sacred love and serious marriage as an excuse!–matey · trial marriage is only legalizing the illegal means of cohabitation. A form of expression. (Change the soup does not change the medicine) Therefore, there is not much connection between trial marriage and marriage (although there is a “marriage” word, it can not be said that the arch pig (game) is the necessary procedure before eating pork). Therefore, trial marriage is not the only way to reach the marriage hall! (Otherwise cohabitation is also the gateway to the marriage hall)–blackheron · I always thought that trial marriage is more irresponsible than cohabitation, since the two If you decide to be in the same place, you don’t have to think about it. If you think about the disagreement between your sex life and your habits, you will try the same. If the two really love each other, they will definitely adjust slowly in the life after marriage, and there is no relationship with the trial marriage. Trial marriage has more restrictions on one’s own companions. It is more likely to cause emotional failure than cohabitation. It is not good for marriage to be bad. It’s not like living a marriage. — Sunrise East & middot; has advantages and disadvantages, so it is difficult to say in a word. What is the purpose of the trial marriage – there is no sense of responsibility for the trial marriage without the purpose of marriage. —NONE · Marriage is different from love, when you are in love with a beautiful veil, you are together after marriage, and you can eat and drink Lazar, and all the shortcomings are exposed. Trial marriage is a good adaptation process. The two people understand each other better and are also psychologically prepared for life after marriage. The trial marriage time should be from six months to one year. In addition, it should be prevented that some people use the guise of “trial marriage” to deceive money. As for some girls who are afraid of losing money, in fact, it is not good to accept the goods when they are received. It is difficult to return them. Is it more disadvantageous? Many boys do not expect their brides to be “positive”. — What do you think of Anonymous’s wait and see outside the marriage?