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Why are men called animals for lower body thinking?

Posted on 2019年4月14日 by

A large number of studies have found that people’s control of the penis is limited compared with other parts of the body, because the penis does not always follow the control of the nervous system, but is also subject to the “autonomic nervous system”, also known as the leader of the autonomic nervous system. The latter is also responsible for regulating heart rate and blood pressure. Many sexual arousal is the “credit” of the autonomic nervous system. For example, read more

Is trial marriage equal to cohabitation?

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Is trial marriage equal to cohabitation? Or cohabitation is just the external form of trial marriage? The divorce story suddenly increases, the collapse of the family, the misfortune of the children, we can not help but stop and wait outside the marriage. The old-fashioned bridal chambers open the hijab to know the bride. It is a kind of fragile wishful wing that hits the big fortune, but a piece of wedding book has a strong shackle, and wants to earn a break. A “bearing” word makes read more

alert! Often eat 6 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines

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Many couples want a child, but not everyone can do it. This has a lot to do with men. Men’s sperm quality is also affected by food? Nowadays, with the increase of life pressure, people’s diet has become extremely irregular. Many foods can reduce sperm motility and even kill sperm. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of reproduction, we must first start with the root of food.

Do you have multiple classic puzzles for leftover women?

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There are more and more women left now, no matter the reason is that the family conditions are not good, or the other is not high, the length is not handsome, and so on, the final conclusion is left. In fact, many women admit that they do not have such high standards, but they do not know why they are left. In fact, there are still some reasons for the remaining women to be left. Q: Because of being single, my family and friends around me will put a lot of pressure on myself, but I don’t read more

Look over: What kind of woman is suitable for a macho

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What kind of woman can see how to make love. In a sexual life, what kind of woman can best satisfy a man? The marital relationship is not only the need for inner feelings, but more importantly, the maintenance of sexual life. Sex is the lubricant of marital relations and is part of the husband and wife life.

The most complete and most ready-made preparation for women

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Emotional control and sexy belt is not a standard treasure map, let you activate the other person’s sexual reaction according to the map. The flames and reactions of sex still depend on the emotional factors of the brain, including psychological, emotional, emotional and other aspects. It is not just from the physiological level. Under good emotional state and appropriate sexy stimulation, sex will be beautiful. Orgasm is worth looking forward to.